AFC Cubo were formed in 1999 by a group of Newcastle University old boys who moved to London. The Club has grown to encompass 2 sides based at the Barn Elms Sports Centre in Barnes, SW London.

The objective of Cubo is outlined in the Club’s constitution:

The objectives of the Club shall be to arrange association football matches and social activities for its members.

Cubo is founded on the principle of bringing together top, top, lads who happen to be good at football and with that in mind individuals who do not possess the right character, integrity, footballing philosophy or flair clobber may be refused permission to play (unless they play in goal).

The club shall aim to play at the highest level possible without resorting to the recruitment of “rogues” in order to progress and shall from time to time hold fundraising activities to support nominated charities.

Club Name and Colours

Former club Chairman and stalwart Stevie Taylor kindly gave his take on the club’s naming origins:

“After a few years of spending every Saturday afternoon in the pub watching Soccer Saturday it was decided to set up a team in order to delay their (the Newcastle Old Boys) arrival in the pub until at least after 4.30pm. One of the founding members working for The Cubo Group (a marketing company specialising in “pleasure” brands) approached his boss for some sponsorship and he agreed to donate £100 in exchange for the club taking on the name of the company. As such, the mighty AFC Cubo came into existence and we were duly registered into the Wimbledon and District league.

Soon after, and before any funds were paid, Cubo (the company) went through some tough times and while the football team went from strength to strength. It wasn’t until some years later to celebrate 10 years of flowing football that Cubo (the company) came through with the £100 originally promised.  They have however since continued to support us with very generous donations towards charity fundraisers that we’ve since held.

Back in the very first days of the club some ringers were roped in to make up the numbers and one of these offered to arrange a kit through his girlfriend’s father who ran a textiles business. Being a Man City fan (and prior to the implementation of the 2011 constitution which imparts strict controls and voting processes for choice of club merchandise) he went ahead and chose Baby Blue as the official colour of AFC Cubo. Had he been a Wolves fan we may not be here today!”