Player’s of the Month – December 2015

The ‘Player of the Month’ award for each team recognises Cubans performing at the peak of their powers. Awards are decided by the manager of each team.

1st XI POTM for December – Harry Tulip

Bennie Mac says of his Geordie striker…

In a bad month for the 1’s the Stepover King and Chairman of the Balham FC Supporters Club still managed to put in consistently high quality performances, even in the defeats to Merrow and Project Clapham, doing everything other than score a goal.  If he develops the ability to kick the ball instead of the ground when he’s through on goal he’ll be a hell of a player…..

2nd XI POTM for Decemeber – Salt-D-O-Double-G

Arnie says of the 2’s former skipper…

The Winchester warrior has shaken off his early season Wedding shackles and further cemented his place in the Cubo midfield. Like a fine wine, Salty keeps on getting better with age; anchoring the midfield and providing protection to the back four. With plaudits like this, the club are keen to lock down a new 2 year contract extension in January. Watch this space!