Harry Tulip – Player Profile

Name: Harry Tulip

Twitter: @harrytulip

Position: Forward

Home Town: Newcastle

Year of conscription to the Baby Blue Army: 2014

Current Boots: An old pair of Mercurials that are on their last legs.


Football Hero: GLORIOUS (boring) ALAN SHEARER

Best moment in a Baby Blue shirt: Every time we play a team on a big, flat pitch. We become mid-90’s NUFC (see below).

Unfortunately Harry elected to ignore winning the golden espadrille for finishing as the 1st XI top goalscorer in 2014 – 15… surely a defining moment in any striker’s career. I hope the trophy (below) is adorning the mantelpiece?

screenshot-www.instagram.com 2016-02-02 17-58-16

Worst moment in a Baby Blue shirt: Being clean through on goal away to Yateley, getting hacked down and knocked for 10 metres off some 18 stone bruiser, and the referee waved play on. I lost my shit completely, in fact I’m still seething.

Biggest Clown in the Club: Toss up between Pogo’s humour and Pykey’s ability to forget things.

Nomination for the ‘’He’s got a red card in him….Award’’(dished out to players who show a particular ability to attract the warranted / unwarranted attention of referees): Oli Perkins loves an aggressive 30 seconds of screaming at the opposition and the ref, ideally at the same time.

Best Champ Man/Football Manager attribute: (HT’s 1st answer…) Movement, I’m a busy bastard. (HT’s 2nd answer two months later having thought about it for a while…) The Step Over – do not underestimate the power of the step over.

Worst Champ Man/Football Manager attribute: My forward heading is disgraceful, not bad at a flick on though.


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