Frederik Gorlitz – Player Profile


Name: Frederik Peter Günter Richard Görlitz

Nickname: Fred

Position: Centre back

Home Town: Karlsruhe

Profession / Area of Work: PhD student

University: Previously Heidelberg (Oldest in contemporary Germany). Now Imperial College.

Year of conscription to the Baby Blue Army: 2015

How did you come to be involved with Cubo: Online research. Got attracted by the pub images.

Current Boots: Puma Kings (One of many fine Cuban’s to adopt the King)

Fred's Full Range of Puma Kings
Fred’s Full Range of Puma Kings

What team do you support: Karlsruher SC

Favourite Player: Andreas Köpke. You might remember him from the Euro 96, at least Garreth Southgate does….

(Banter Fred, although that’ll cost you a heavy fine at the AGM.)

Best moment in a Baby Blue shirt: Every successful tackle.

Worst moment in a Baby Blue shirt: Realising you have to pay for getting booked.

Biggest Clown in the Club: Arnie and his cramps due to his Friday night shagging chronicles.

Sleaziest Man of all-time to have donned the Baby Blue: I’ve only just met the gentlemen in Cubo. I’ll let you know.

Nomination for the ‘’He’s got a red card in him….Award’’(dished out to players who show a particular ability to attract the warranted / unwarranted attention of referees): I feel honoured to name myself here. (I would usually call someone out for bragging but to provide some frame of reference Fred’s debut for the Club was delayed due to a broken elbow sustained whilst he practised Judo. It’s unconfirmed if it was his elbow or someone else’s that was broken.)

Best Champ Man / Football Manager attribute: Aggression (tackle) (Also tattoo’s. Finally a man in Cubo with a decent tattoo.) 

Worst Champ Man / Football Manager attribute: Aggression (fouls)


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