Annual Charity Fundraiser – An Update

An update from club Chairman, Stevie T:

(Please note that a follow up post with details of all of the donors of raffle and auction prizes will be coming very soon)

“August 13th saw what we can now call AFC Cubo’s annual charity fundraiser.  The first ever event was held last year on a boat on the Thames and this year we hired the ballroom of Winchester House, a private members club down on the river in Putney.

The event started classily with aChampagne reception and polite chat on the lawn but by 10.30pm Cubo + friends had reverted to type and were throwing massive shapes having drunk the venue clean out of Jagermeister.  Live music was provided by Gareth Rhodes and Jon Botham who played through an eclectic set ranging from Lady Gaga & Alicia Keys to Roxette and Bon Jovi with a double helping of the Baywatch theme tune!  (For anyone wanting to see what they missed check out Gareth’s YouTube channel by searching axl77).

The highlight of the evening (other than the pies served at midnight) was the amount of money we managed to raise for the Bobby Moore Fund.  Pally and Jonesy excellently managed to cajole the crowd into spending well over the odds for everything from rounds of golf and football tickets to entire lambs and a year’s supply of chocolate!

Clearly the most overpriced item auctioned off was Matt Turner who unbelievably managed to fetch £225 but was still not as desirable as a dead sheep that brought in 2 bids of £230.  Post auction we had another set of industrial strength cheese from the band and a hastily drawn raffle before it was over to DJ Jove to take us through until the close.

All in all the event was a massive social success and through it we also managed to raise £3,886.56 for The Bobby Moore Fund!

On behalf of the club I would like to thank everyone who came to the event and bought or sold tickets and special thanks to all those who either donated or bought things for the auction/raffle.  We will be writing to them individually and a full list of the donors will be going onto the website shortly.  Once this is updated please take some time to look through the names of the donors and if you ever have the chance of using them in the future please try and support them.

Finally I would just like to thank the organising committee of Ben, Northy (and more importantly his wife Margi), Jonesy and Ben Kilner for their help in making the night a success.  Special thanks also go to Pally for sterling work in the auction process, Matt Kilner for sorting the PA and being the sound engineer for the band and finally to Jacko who gave us all a lesson in how not to sell raffle tickets.”

Thanks again to everyone who attended and made this event such an enjoyable and worthwhile success.