Lokomotiv Lavender 0-6 AFC Cubo 2nd XI

Date: Saturday 3rd March

Venue: Wandsworth Common

Starting Line-up: Clarky, Rushall, Keegan, Pally, Jimbo, Denno, Pete Hill, Salt Dog, Trev, Tim Field, MTM.

Subs: S. Taylor, A. Clarke

This week’s fixture came following a welcome week off with many of Cubo’s starting line-up absent snowboarding in the Alps, battling the tests of fatherhood or resting the tired limbs that support our ageing squad.

Wandsworth Common should be like a second home to AFC Cubo having soaked up the blood, sweat and tears that drench the turf during pre-season training. The crisp, sun dappled day saw Cubo starting with a bare 11 in the baby blue and white that we seemed to have been without for an age.

Another varying back 4 was brought in with Ben and Jim at full back and Pally providing the solid experience to support Keegan’s flair (countless Cruyff turns in his own box). Nevertheless the new partnership stayed strong and managed to hold off the newly introduced opposition. The Lokomotiv side seemed to start well with a bit of fight and passion that allowed them to hit the post early on and produce a decent save from the Cubo keeper.

Unlike the 2’s traditional need to go a goal down before realising there is a game on, some exciting attacking football began to appear. Tim and MTM looked familiar from the go. Denno and Pete Hill’s pace and trickery played havoc with the Loko defence. It wasn’t long before the inevitable happened and a deliberately over hit Pete Hill cross landed neatly on the right boot of MTM only to be belted thunderously into the back of the net. More attacking play followed; both full backs edging up the pitch and centremids cropping up with the odd shot or assist. A second for MTM was followed by a deflected goal from Pete Hill after a  perfectly weighted assist from the captain.

Missing his first headed shot from 3 yards out, Tim converted his second effort and Cubo’s forth goal with far more conviction and continued to threaten the Lokomotiv side. Substitutions in the second half saw fresh legs in Alan and Stevie mixing up the Cubo line-up forcing Denno into the centre of midfield. Denno’s deft touches combined with Trev’s strength and tenacity increased the pressure on a now dejected Lokomotiv side. Running on fumes Loko’s lack of positional sense and hence defence in general, made it all too easy for Stevie to slot home two composed finishes. The day would have ended more sweetly if Clarky, now playing up top had managed to finish two easy shots and justify the sight of Pally in a skin tight keepers shirt.

Final Score: Lokomotiv Lavender 0-6 AFC Cubo 2nd XI

Cubo were the better side, not ruthless enough but some great attacking football.

Goals: MTM x2, Hill, Field x2, Stevie T

Man of the Match: Strong performances from Denno, Tim and MTM but a closely voted MOTM awarded to Trev “Zoolander” Moody.

Match Report: Salty Sea Dogg


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