Manager of the Month – January 2016

Forget respective league and cup glory. Arnie and Bennie Mac are really only going about their Saturday managerial business to compete for the highest honour available, that of ‘AFC Cubo Manager of the Year’.

January. A difficult month. You think of January and you’re haunted by the six week wait till pay day, broken New Year’s resolutions and the general post-Christmas malaise caused by a cocktail of over indulgence on turkey, presents and family squabbles.

It turns out The Manager of the Month award for January is just as difficult to navigate as the month itself.

On paper, it wasn’t a bad month for the 1’s. Two games played. Two wins. However Bennie Mac, due to some particularly enthusiastic socialising, can claim no credit for the 1’s victory away at Balham, arguably the sides best result of the season.

January brought little to propel Arnie towards victory either. Two games played. One defeat despite scoring four goals, and one hard-fought draw leaves the managerial cupboard bare.

Our attention should instead be directed towards the administration behind The Baby Blue Army. The midweeker’s have eased themselves into second in their league and remain undefeated with the title firmly in their sights. 2016-02-11 17-27-00

The dynamic duo of Alan Clarke and Fred Gorlitz deserve the props for getting the fledgling side up and running with a bang, and as such are awarded the Co-Manager of the Month Award*.

Bennie Mac – 2 (Oct, Nov)

Arnie – 2 (Sept, Dec)

Al & Fred – 1 (Jan)

*We are of course ignoring the fact that two of the three games played by The Baby Blue Army happened to have been taken place in February. Whatevs.


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