Chris Pyke – Player Profile

Name: Chris Pyke (DJ)

Twitter: @chris191089

Position: Centre Midfield

Home Town: Cambridge

Year of conscription to the Baby Blue Army: 2013/14

Current Boots: Puma Kings


Club: Arsenal


Football Hero: Patrick Vieira

Best moment in a Baby Blue shirt: That goal (your only goal for the Club right?!)

Worst moment in a Baby Blue shirt: Injuries

Biggest Clown in the Club: Pogo

Pogo Being Man Marked by a Bouncer. Again.

Nomination for the ‘’He’s got a red card in him….Award’’(dished out to players who show a particular ability to attract the warranted / unwarranted attention of referees): Ian Clarke 2016-02-12 10-31-18
Chopper Clarke

Best Champ Man / Football Manager attribute: Flair

Worst Champ Man / Football Manager attribute: Pace (Pint downing surely…)


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