2013 AGM Minutes

Thanks to Luke Haddon for diligently noting these down, as Jez was sick on himself and Stevie T explained how the average age of the club compared to 2 seasons ago has gone up by about 2 years.


• Refer to Treasurer’s (Gareth Stewart) spreadsheet for comprehensive details.

• £719 operating profit. Mainly funded by chasing up bad debts to the club from season 2011/12.

• £615 came into the club from 2012 Bobby Moore Foundation fundraiser. Less than expected due to poor attendance.

• £5 match fees will remain for second team, as will the £65 signing on fee. First team squad will continue paying £6 match fees. Players who have paid signing on fees will get preference on selection.

• Balance of club account is £2,630.

Continuation of the third team:

• After consideration by members of the 2012/13 committee, and input from those members of the club considered for membership on the 2013/14 committee, a vote was put to the club regarding the withdrawal of the third team from the Wimbledon and District Football League.

• Withdrawal was approved on the basis that it would help to ensure overall strength and reputation of the club.

• Issues with maintaining three playing squads each week contributed to the decision.


• Surrey Elite Intermediate League membership dependent on vote at SEIL AGM on coming Wednesday.

• Any decision made on pitches will be made by the committee and the rest of the club informed.

Club training:

• Pre-season training will commence on the second Wednesday of July 2013 on Wandsworth Common.

Club fundraiser:

• The Club will look at alternatives to the ‘Summer Ball Fundraiser’ that has previously been arranged, with the possibility of a family-friendly barbeque (to cater for the growing number of junior AFC Cubans) taking place at the end of the season.

Committee member election:

• Club chairman – Ben McGeown

• First team manager – Ian Clarke

• First team captain – To be decided by First team manager

• First team secretary – To be undertaken by members of the first team squad

• Second team manager – Tom Hooper

• Second team captain – To be decided by Second team manager

• Second team secretary – Luke Haddon

• Treasurer – Gareth Stewart

• Media and communications officer – Tom Hooper

• Club social secretaries – None decided. Members appointed on ad hoc basis.

Club awards:

• First team player of the year – Ben McGeown

• First team golden boot – Mike Cain

• Second team player – Stevie Taylor

• Second team golden boot – Pete Smith

• Third team player of the year – Luke Haddon

• Third team golden boot – Paul May


• Honourable mention for Luke Haddon winning Secretary of the Year across four divisions of the Wimbledon & District Football League.

2012 AGM

The AGM will be held on Saturday the 12th of May, 2012 in a pub in the SW11 area of LDN.

It’s really important that as many club members attend because it is at this meeting that the following things get discussed/voted on:

  • Committee for next season
  • Captains and Managers for next season
  • Awards for the 2011/12 season
  • Pitches, fees, ADMIN
  • How we can shrink the club badge further on all merchandise and kits going forward
  • Sleaze
  • Fundraising
  • The career and life of Kriss Akabusi
  • New players

Awards 2010/11

Club awards:
First team player of the year – Oli Watkins
First team golden boot – Mike Neal
Second team player – Mark Bradley
Second team golden boot – Paul Every
Third team player of the year – Matt Turner
Third team golden boot – Chris Harding
Sleaziest player of the year – Ben McGeown
Most fabulous – Henry Neville
Clubman of the year – Tom Hooper